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firm in structure (sturdy and durable) 堅固耐用, easy assemble and dismantle, value-effectivem More »

Chinese joint ancestor worship ceremony

Since 2004, the Master ﹝Master Hun Yuan﹞, an annual festival held in the Chinese joint shrine, a sense of thanksgiving and pray for good weather, peace and prosperity and world peace More »

HsinChu Emei Tien-anTemple

Culture and Sport Center of Tien-an Maitreya Buddha Temple, Q-set Cantilever scaffolding system v.s. traditional scaffolding system More »

Wonderful projects of Singapore

Client : Penta-Ocean Construction Co. Ltd / Struts Building Technology Pte Ltd More »

Wonderful projects of Singapore

Client : Penta-Ocean Construction Co. Ltd / Struts Building Technology Pte Ltd More »


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Forwork Material

【 Glued beams and wood angles】

glulam beams and wood angles



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【 Q-SET Clamp


Q-set clamp can connect to any kind of main-beam and cross-beam at a finger snap. No damage to the material texture, Q-set clamp performs better than any other traditional clamp does.


【 Accessories


  • Ball Screw Tie Rod, Screw(Tie Rod)、Yin Screw, J-Shape Screw Rod
  • Washer, Twplok Nut, Cone
  • Wheel, Alligator Clamp, Swivel Coupler



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Film Plywood

Film Plywood
  • The company can customize a template system templates and water
  • Form Beam senior film production and finnish plywood, full size
  • Dimensions categories include 3 × 6 feet, 4 × 8 feet, 900x1800mm (error of ± 0.3mm)
  • Produce special size less than 100mm x 2000mm x      6000mm following dimensions.
  • Custom sizes available upon request



Plastic Plywood

Plastic Plywood


Low Friction, Impact Resistance, Non-aborsobent

  • Strong Chemical Resistance ,Strang Acid-Base Resistance
  • Heat Resistance , Poison Free , No Smelly
  • Easy to assembly
  • The material isdurable material can be used repeatly, it has the highest re-useble rate among all the formwork materials。



  • FB has plenty of Plywood
  • It includes 4×8 1/2’ 4×8 1/4’, 4×8 3/4’, 4×8 12.7mm, 4×8 18mm …etc。
  • It total has 6 products by different thickness and width。

Bamboo Plywood

Bamboo Plywood
  • FB has plenty of Bamboo Plywood
  • It includes 4×8 1/2’, 4×8 1/4’, 4×8 3/4’, 4×8 10mm, 4×8 12,15mm 。
  • It total has 5 products by different thickness and width。


Plastic surface plywood

Plastic surface plywood
  • The surface is a plastic plate and the four sides of the plastic surface plywood have anti water coating. This design can decrease the water absorbing and reuse more in number
  • .The plastic surface is light in weight, waterproof, and endures wear/tear. This is cost-effective when work and reduce the fee of dispose of waste.
  • Use more than 15 times when properly dismantle.

Formwork System


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【Film Plywood Formwork System


Film Plywood Formwork

Film plywood formwork system is widely used for construction elements , such as column, wall, floor, and bridges. Our experts have extensive experience in designing  traditional timber formwork and panel formwork system  to meet our customers’ needs  in  quality control and cost saving.

  • Components: filmplywood, timber, LVL timber beam, Steel channel, H beam
  • Advantages: easy to get/low cost
  • Disadvantages: surface is easily damaged/ repeat-use times is relatively low


Plastic Plywood Formwork System

Plastic formwork

Plastic Plywood Formwork

Form Beam has developed the plastic plywood formwork system for a long period of time, and earned a great reputation for its expertise.

  • Components: plastic plywood, timber, LVL timber beam, Steel channel, H beam
  • Advantages: edurable high reuse rate, can be dismantled and assembled for new panel designs. Very cost-effective
  • Suitable for circular/arched structure design, and retaining wall


Steel Formwork System

steel formwork

Steel Formwork

We design, plan, and do the technical calculation to provide you the best solution of steel formwork system.

  • Components: Steel plate, steel angle, steel channel, H beam
  • Advantages: durableDisadvantages: high cost, heaviness
  • Suitable for circular

Q-SET System Scaffolding

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Standard Scaffolding


Main Pipe

  • D=48.3mm,T=3.2mm (STK500 or Q345)
  • L=500mm、1000mm、1500mm、2000mm、2500mm、3000mm

Horizontal Ledger

  • D=48.3mm,T=2.5mm(STK400 or Q235)
  • L=900mm、1200mm、1500mm、1800mm、2400mm

Diagonal Brace

  • D=48.3mm or 42.7,T=2.5mm(STK400 or Q235)
  • L=914mm、1219mm、1524mm、1829mm、2134mm、2439mm


  • Products Advantages: High-load capacity design decreases the number of component usage and save your cost.
  • Trust framed design is easy to be assembled and has high stability and safety.
  • Low dead weight design is convenient for set-up and removal.
  • Simplified component design can help effective space use and reduce delivery fees.
  • We also customize the Q-SET size for special request based on the your field needs.


【 Cantilever Scaffolding 】



With special joint design, Q-SET Shoring System can project horizontally into space, supported only on one end. When having the difficulty to set up a vertical support from ground, it is a good solution.


  • With the special joint design, main pipe, horizontal ledger and diagonal brace, Q-SET  can be assembled as trusses and formed as cantilever.
  • The major components of cantilever scaffolding is consisted of main pipes and patent braces (horizontal braces and diagonal brace).
  • Cantilever scaffolding can be assembled  directly on the air without  the ground operation.


  • Cantilever installation can reduce the use of component, and save the cost
  • It is safe to use the truss design. And can reinforce by steel wire if needed
  • Cantilever build can overcome the trouble that can’t vertically support


Singapore Project2

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Singapore Project1

圖片83 圖片88 圖片89 圖片91 圖片92 圖片94 圖片99 圖片100 圖片108

HsinChu Emei Tien-an Temple


 Tien-an Temple, HsinChu, Taiwan

Q-SET V.S. Frame System

  • Q-SET Shoring System, Truss design.
  • 60% working hour saving.
  • 80% stock quantity saving.

Construction site

  • Extending span: 12 m
  • Vertical height: 35 m  (from ground)


Taoist Blessing Dharma Assembly (References)

【 2009 Taoist Blessing Dharma Assembly 】

Q-SET Scaffolding (References)


YONGAN Elementary School


HsinChu Emei Temple roof corner


HhinChu Emei Temple Hall


HsinChu Emei Temple